Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions that are frequently asked about the No Flipping Excuses Summit.  Please click on the question below for the answer.

What’s different about this event compared to others I hear about?

The most significant difference is you’ll start learning right away. Over a 3-day period, you’ll receive nothing but content. We don’t have any outside speakers come into the event selling you some “Home Study Program” that you must buy now. The goal of attending of the No Flipping Excuses Summit is to arm you with the tools you need to be successful now and for you to leave this event with a deal under contract.

Is the No Flipping Excuses Summit for beginners?

Yes. Over the course of three days, you’ll have everything taught to you in a step-by-step format. It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new, intermediate or expert. You’ll be learning strategies that work today for all levels.

Who should attend the No Flipping Excuses Summit for?

The No Flipping Excuses Summit is for real estate investors that either is just getting started, intermediate investors that have closed deals recently, or a seasoned veteran who close deals consistently.

We’ve also seen real estate agents, insurance reps, attorneys, title companies, inspectors, appraisers, contractors, and mortgage loan officers gain valuable insights they’ve never seen before.

Will there be an opportunity to ask questions?

Yes. Each session that we have will be followed by a questions and answer segment. We want everyone feeling confident and comfortable moving forward. All questions are welcomed. It’s encouraged that you ask questions.

How can I get a deal under contract at the Summit?

Over the three days, the No Flipping Excuses team will be giving qualified leads to the gold and VIP attendees that we’ll be calling collectively as a group. The NFE team will help with calling, talking, negotiating and contracting deals from the leads you’ll be provided. Being able to leave the event with a for sure deal under contract is not a guarantee, but the experience of making live phone calls to motivated sellers with the NFE team has more than 3,000 closed transactions combined is priceless.

Are you going to record each session from the Summit?

Yes. Each one of the sessions will be recorded. Our VIP attendees will receive digital access to each session after the event is over and the event team has made their final edits.

What’s included with the VIP cocktail reception?

Great question! This is going to be a special reception that will start at 6 PM and end at 9 PM. It’s a chance for folks to network and gets to know the No Flipping Excuses team. We’ve seen a lot of business form from these cocktail receptions such as; private money raised, deals negotiated, deals contracted, objection handled, introductions to referral partners, and so much more. We’ll be providing cocktails and appetizers for the VIP attendees.

Do I need to stay at the hotel you have the Summit at?

No. We encourage you to stay wherever it’s most convenient for you. The host hotel is affordable and a short trip from the airport.

How much is it for me to bring a guest?

We’ve made this decision easy for you – guests are free. All that we ask is that person you bring either be your significant other, spouse or business partner.

How quickly could I start seeing results within my investing business?

We’ve seen previous attendees get deals under contract within the three days we’ll be spending with each other. This isn’t at all guaranteed because the folks that saw terrific results took action immediately on the information we gave them. You’ll have leads motivated seller leads given to you at either the gold or VIP level, the No Flipping Excuses Team available to help, and tons of amazing attendees that are looking for deals flip. It’s a complete team effort by working together synergistically. Our primary goal is to have you walking away from this three days with a deal under contract but also to leave knowing exactly what to do with your business when you get back home.

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